Six Daily Mission Fields

As a missionary, there are 6 basic mission fields which you have the opportunity to serve in.  Each mission field is an opportunity for you to interact with those who do not know Christ, build relationships with them, and seek to share the wonderful news of how they can be forgiven and begin a relationship with their Creator.  The six daily mission fields are home, work, leisure, church, the local community, and the wider world.  In order to live as a missionary and impact these individual mission fields, we must be intentionally and strategically looking for where God is already at work and simply join Him.  Every believers interacts with these various mission fields every day but often miss their opportunity to view them through the eyes of a missionary.  If you would like to explore each of the specific mission fields, click on the specific tab where you can learn more about how to be intentional in that specific area.  We hope to add additional resources that will further help you engage your mission fields.  Be sure to click on the mission field strategy worksheets link so that you can begin to intentionally develop your personal strategy in order to begin engaging your specific mission fields.