What is Laurens Island?  Imagine for a second that you have been called to serve as a missionary to a far away tropical island.  Soon you will be parachuted down to that  island and you will be responsible for reaching that island with the gospel.  Where would you begin?  How would you accomplish your task as a missionary?  How intentional you are about that task would greatly determine the effectiveness of the Gospel message shared.  For most of us, God hasn’t called us to a foreign mission field on a far away island, but we do believe that every disciple of Jesus Christ has been called to be a missionary.  It may not be to a distant tropical island, instead your calling is right where you are on “Laurens Island.”  The name “Laurens Island” is simply our way of reminding ourselves that we are indeed missionaries right here in our home county.  If Laurens County is not your home then you could begin to think of wherever you live as an “Island” where you have been called to be a missionary.

Our calling is to begin to learn, think, and act like a missionary wherever God places us. For too long, the typical believer has learned to think more like a church member than like a missionary.  Our goal is to equip disciples of Christ to learn to think like a missionary wherever they live. Being a missionary means learning to engage with the lost culture and look for ways to develop relationships with people who do not yet have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  We must learn to speak their language and seek to understand what causes them to think and live like they do, so that we can more effectively share the Gospel in a context that they can understand.  This is our calling as a missionary to “Laurens Island.”

The purpose of this site is to ask the right questions to find the right answers on how you can best reach this place we call Laurens County with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Explore this site and prayerfully consider how your calling as a missionary to your “Island” whether that be in Laurens or beyond.  Our commitment is to assist churches and individual believers to live out their missionary calling as they live out their day to day lives.

The Laurens Island concept is indebted to Ron Davis and his work, “Transform your Island: Intentional Missionary Training for Everyday People.”  Ron is the retired Director of Missions from the Greenville Baptist Association.