The statistics are staggering: 50% of marriages end in divorce (inside and outside the church); 75% of church going teenagers will leave the church as soon as they graduate high school.  The high rate of teen pregnancies taking place inside and outside the church.  Each of these are indicators that demonstrate that home health is not good, even among believers.

If these statistics are ever going to change, we must recognize our first priority must be to become missionaries in our home.  If we reach the world with the gospel but fail to reach our own children, have we truly been obeident to the calling of Christ?  Marriage, Parenting, and home management all make up our home mission field.  Are you doing what you must to equip yourself to become a Godly spouse, parent, and friend?  As a missionary, you can begin to take steps that will enable you to rekindle your relationship with your spouse, and begin to allow you to lead your children in the way of the Lord.