Wider World

We must never forget that our Savior’s commission to us begins right where we are, but extends on into the world from there.  Are there opportunities for you to go to a foreign land to serve short term?  Are there ministries in your local church or association that already have connections and a plan to engage beyond our nation?  Never rule out that God may be calling you to go and serve Him in those places.

If you cannot go for some reason, you have opportunities to pray for and support those that do.  The International Mission Board has thousands who have given their lives to serve the Master in far away lands.   Perhaps you can begin to pray specifically for a few of those missionaries on a daily basis.  Truly engaging with them through prayer is one of the greatest things we can do for anyone who is serving overseas.

Remembering to keep our eyes on the nations of the world and go, pray, and give so that they too can know the Savior is another role of a missionary.  We must not become so concerned about our own things, that we forget those who are serving Him all around the world.