Local Community

As a missionary, we must begin thinking about the opportunities that exist all around our local community to engage people with the Gospel.  Where might be some places where you could begin serving others in your community?  What might be some ways that you could begin developing relationships with those around your community that would allow you the opportunity to share the Love of Christ in both word and deed?   Think of more than just the narrow little scopes that we may normally think about in your local community.  What about the local sports programs, perhaps in political circles, maybe on you local school boards, or other areas you can become active and engaged.

What about your local school system?  If you have children enrolled, you have an immediate connection with your school.  Even if you do not have school age children, we can still find ways to take the Love of Christ there.  Are there ways that you could serve the teachers or administration and be a blessing to them?  What about a tutoring program or simply taking time to read with students?  A simple contact with the Principal others in a particular school may provide you the opportunity to be a blessing and impact your community.

What about a neighborhood watch system?  Are there those already in your immediate neighborhood who have some system in place to look out for each other and your property?  Bringing neighbors together to work together to make your neighborhood safer and inviting will benefit everyone and will allow you the opportunity to deepen relationships and earn the opportunity to share your faith.

As you think about the opportunities in your local community, don’t get too narrowed down.  There are multiple areas and needs where you could begin to invest yourself.  Begin now thinking about where that may be for you and your family.  A missionary doesn’t isolate himself/herself from the community, but looks for those areas where they can engage and better their local community.